Builders Guildford

Do you want to build or renovate a home in Guildford? If so, you need to hire a construction company that can turn your vision into a reality.

Collyer Construction Limited has more than a decade of experience building dream homes for property owners in Guildford. We offer bespoke construction services in a collaborative work environment, so we can guide you through the construction process as you give us your design ideas for the home.

Our team consists of skilled craftspeople, architects, and designers who work together to create a satisfactory outcome for our clients. We know how to add value to any property by either building a new home or constructing a major extension or renovation on an existing home.


When you invest in a home construction project, choosing a construction company with a vast reputation in the community is essential. Collyer Construction Limited holds itself to the highest quality standards for our clients. We collaborate with our clients from beginning to end on every project.


The first thing we will do is sit down and discuss your ideas for the new home build or renovation project. After that, we’ll give you an estimated price for the entire service so that you can budget accordingly.


Collyer Construction Limited has a highly skilled workforce ready to serve you in Guildford. If you’d like to enquire further about our construction services, you can give us a call at 01252 624041 or email us at