Extensions Surrey

Are you searching for the best extension company for your home in Surrey? Collyer Construction Ltd has provided professional and reliable extension services in the region for the past 20+ years. Local residents and property owners have grown to trust our extension building services because they have experienced our professional and high-quality work up close. They know we always deliver results aimed to satisfy our clients.

What kind of extension project do you need to complete on your property? Here are the most common extensions we perform in Surrey:

  • Bathroom extensions
  • Kitchen extensions
  • Living room extensions
  • Bedroom extensions
  • Single-storey extensions
  • Two-storey extensions

Home extensions can add much more space and value to your property. Our clients may wish to have more space in their living rooms to entertain their guests or more bedroom space for an expanding family. Whatever reason you have for an extension, we will work with you to ensure your extension preferences are carried out flawlessly.


Collyer Construction Ltd has a large team of skilled professionals consisting of builders, engineers, carpenters, electricians, and plumbers. Whenever we take on a new extension project in Surrey, we gather our team to collaborate on the specific details of carrying it out. That way, we have a clear picture of how to execute the project without any problems.


Do you want to learn more about the benefits of our extension services in Surrey? Contact us at 01252 624041 or email us at admin@collyerconstructionltd.co.uk. We can provide you with a free estimated price quote on our services.