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If you have the space for it, there is a good chance you have been considering adding an extension to your property. Here is why it makes financial sense to do just that.

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ontractor, we have battled COVID, and continue to face challenges over material shortages and price increases on just about every project. Lead times are ever increasing with no respite on the horizon.

Steel prices have gone up dramatically and this has made pricing projects increasingly more difficult. The price at the time of the estimate is rarely the price that we now pay by the time that the project is off the ground. This makes for a tricky conversation with the client early on.

An interesting article below from that warns of more issues on the horizon. The knock on affect can only mean one thing – further price rises.日本藤素

Looking for more space but want to stay in your home? Adding a two-story extension can be a cost-effective way to gain that extra living space. These examples are guaranteed to inspire your project.

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