Good to Know

If you have the space for it, there is a good chance you have been considering adding an extension to your property. Here is why it makes financial sense to do just that.

  • You get to remain on the property you know and love. Many people move because they want more space. By adding an extension, you can create that extra space whilst staying in the property where your heart is. You not only add value to your current home but also get to avoid the hassle and costs of relocating elsewhere.
  • Boost your living space. Whether you want to expand your kitchen space, add a guest suite, a home office or a conservatory, an extension will increase your living area square footage. You can add this measurement when giving specifications about the property, therefore adding to its value whether you are selling or renting out.
  • Makes for good upgrades. Many extensions provide an opportunity to make upgrades to your house. From being able to install solar panels on the roof for energy savings, to obscured glazing for privacy, there are multiple aspects you can tinker with to add a more modern flair to your home that will also boost value.
  • Customisation. It is hard to find a house that perfectly fits your desires in terms of layout and aesthetics. However, if you have gradually made changes to your house, turning it into your dream home, adding an extension allows you to retain the work you have already put in. You will not need to start over with new renovations and upgrades elsewhere and can continue to enjoy your investment.

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