Funding your build: Have you considered a development loan from Homes England?

If you’re trying to fund your new building project in the private market, you may have trouble securing funding. Fortunately, the UK government created a housing and regeneration agency called Homes England to help secure financing for home development projects.

Homes England offers development finance to housebuilders who cannot secure financing in the private market. This government agency will usually provide loans of around £250,000, more or less. Some innovative housing solutions may get approved for smaller loans, especially for community-led housing projects.

Many people might not be aware of this, but Homes England has been issuing loans to for several years. Since the government doesn’t want big builders to control the real estate market, their goal is to help smaller builders get their chance to build homes. It will give more buying opportunities to home buyers and help grow these smaller home building companies into fierce competitors in the real estate marketplace.

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