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The Main Things to Consider When Planning an Extension

An extension is a great way to expand your existing home, to add value and to adapt a property to suit a changing lifestyle. We appreciate that it can be an expensive and extensive project, here are a few factors to consider when planning an extension.


Whatever extension you intend to add on, ensure the flow of space makes sense. While you may want a guest suite added to the back, it may make better sense to make it a conservatory that flows well from your living area. Also, consider the architectural style of the existing building. If your home is traditional yet you want something modern, be sure to retain enough classic features so there is not so much awkward contrast.


Some projects are lengthy to complete, for instance, if it is a double story extension that will impact on all of your main living areas. Consult with your builder to determine what reasonable timeframe within which you can expect the work to be completed. If you are planning to move out for the duration of the renovation or want to plan a party to celebrate its completion, understanding how long it will take will matter even more.


With any kind of home project, you need to set a budget. Knowing what you can afford will allow you to prioritise what needs doing when negotiating with your builder. List down what you want most so that it can be incorporated into the design first while still taking into consideration your set budget. Do keep in mind that this investment will likely add value to your home. Always remember however to include a healthy contingency fund of at least 10% of the build costs for those surprise costs – there will always be some!

Planning permission and approval

Depending on certain factors, you may or may not require planning permission or building regulations approval for your project. Permissive development builds have become easier in the past 12 months so this is worth exploring to see if you can work your project within these. Planning can be a lengthy process taking anything from 6 weeks as an average into months and even years if there are objections. The sooner planning is obtained, the better. Most builders will not quote for projects until planning permission is in place, and building regulation drawings have been completed.

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How Adding an Extension to Your Property Makes Financial Sense.

If you have the space for it, there is a good chance you have been considering adding an extension to your property. Here is why it makes financial sense to do just that.

  • You get to remain on the property you know and love. Many people move because they want more space. By adding an extension, you can create that extra space whilst staying in the property where your heart is. You not only add value to your current home but also get to avoid the hassle and costs of relocating elsewhere.
  • Boost your living space. Whether you want to expand your kitchen space, add a guest suite, a home office or a conservatory, an extension will increase your living area square footage. You can add this measurement when giving specifications about the property, therefore adding to its value whether you are selling or renting out.
  • Makes for good upgrades. Many extensions provide an opportunity to make upgrades to your house. From being able to install solar panels on犀利士
    the roof for energy savings, to obscured glazing for privacy, there are multiple aspects you can tinker with to add a more modern flair to your home that will also boost value.
  • Customisation. It is hard to find a house that perfectly fits your desires in terms of layout and aesthetics. However, if you have gradually made changes to your house, turning it into your dream home, adding an extension allows you to retain the work you have already put in. You will not need to start over with new renovations and upgrades elsewhere and can continue to enjoy your investment.

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Hiring Trustworthy Builders in Surrey

Hiring the wrong builder can have a multiple disastrous and long lasting implications, not just financial losses. Poor workmanship by “Cowboy Builders” has been known to significantly damage the structural integrity of houses affecting their ability to even stand let alone to be sold!

Here are a few tips to ensure you are engaging the right person for the job.

  • Use the contacts you have. Chances are you or someone close to you has needed a builder or someone in a related field in the past. Consult with such professionals to figure out the type of work you need done and therefore the skills you will require of your builder. They may also be able to provide referrals in the area.
  • Check accreditation. With any builder you are considering, ensure they have good accreditation and are part of a recognised trade organisation. Confirm that they are still registere犀利士
    d and in good standing with the organisations. Also, look into their insurance cover and job warranties.
  • Consult. Arrange to have them conduct a visit and inspection. Be clear about what work you want to be done and pay attention to their responses. You will want someone that is paying attention to your wants and seeks to better understand your vision and limitations.
  • Do comparison shopping. Get several quotes before making a decision. You need to compare the costs quoted to establish who is offering a reasonable deal. Do not always be led by the lowest price, because cheap can be expensive.
  • Ask for references. Ask about previous projects the builders have worked on and call ahead to see if you can visit and view the workmanship for yourself. This will give you a good idea of what quality of work to expect and provide a chance to question the previous client about their experience with the builder.
Why You Should Choose Collyer Construction

Customer Focus

At Collyer Construction we make it our mission to turn your dreams into reality. We draw on our customers’ vision and specifications to deliver home projects that meet the design aesthetics and functionality they desire. It all begins and ends with you.

Experience and Expertise

Collyer Construction has been in business for over ten years and relies on the expertise of our team that have decades more training and experience. Our talented and professional craftsmen are known for providing the highest quality finishes on every project they work on.

Bespoke Service

Every home construction project we work on is as distinct as the personalities of their homeowners. We pay keen attention to the desired outcomes of our clients and use this inspiration to guide our efforts towards delivering a bespoke service tailored to meet whatever the exacting standards.

Quality Finishing

The exemplary craftsmanship of our team ensures that at the end of the construction phase you will have every reason to be delighted, and be proud to show off your new or renovated space. We guarantee a superior finish that will make you excited to welcome others into your newly transformed home.

Durable Results

The quality workmanship we provide ensures lasting durability. Our builds will truly last the test of time and continue to look as good in years to come. The detail of our work is what leads to clients recommending us over and over again.

Competitive Pricing

We firmly believe in offering quality at an affordable price. As we work hard to source the best prices for locally sourced materials, and the best workmanship to complement this. To this end, we are devoted to ensuring budgets are worked to when delivering you a home project that exceeds expectat犀利士

Land Wanted!

Collyer Construction are always looking to work with local property developers on new build projects throughout Hampshire and Surrey. The availability of land however, especially to smaller scale developers is proving a real stumbling block. 犀利士
We are seeing enquiries down in the sector as a direct consequence of the lack of availability so we welcome the pledge by the government to make more land available to small house builders.

At Collyer Construction we know we can deliver the quality workmanship that is required in these more intimate developments, we just need to land to be available to do so.

More information on this plight is available from the Federation of Master Builders on the following link:

Steel issues on the horizon

At Collyer Construction, the same as every other building c犀利士
ontractor, we have battled COVID, and continue to face challenges over material shortages and price increases on just about every project. Lead times are ever increasing with no respite on the horizon.

Steel prices have gone up dramatically and this has made pricing projects increasingly more difficult. The price at the time of the estimate is rarely the price that we now pay by the time that the project is off the ground. This makes for a tricky conversation with the client early on.

An interesting article below from that warns of more issues on the horizon. The knock on affect can only mean one thing – further price rises.日本藤素